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traces header

Traces is an artistic approach to a media library. It provides the user with a different, singular experience in navigating and viewing his multimedia files.


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flux header

Flux allows the user to browse media content in a configurable lure system.
The user chooses a type de meta-data and enters a keyword in the interface to activate a lure.
Once the lure is dropped in the video flux it attracts every video having this meta-tag.


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dive header

The interface we propose here is based on a “zen” concept. Water, petals, cool music, slow movements to provide the user with feelings of wellness and relaxation, when navigating through the video library.

Circles & Stratums

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Circles & Stratums header

C&S proposes two kinds of visualization :
- A name list group by social authority as Circles
- A Stratum display mode.

Social System

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SocialSystem head

Social System uses a space metaphor to represent the FOAF network of the school. The universe is the school and the planets are the school years. The system is dynamic and reorganizes itself regarding the year chosen by the user and that becomes the center of the universe.

Stellar Interconnections

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Stellar Interconnections header

We propose a stellar metaphor to represent the school’s social network.
Students are represented by dynamic stars drawned as a function of hub (number of branches) and authorities scores (diameter of the root circle), time drive the opacity of the stars.

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