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Social System

03.29.08 | in : Friend Of A Friend | Comment?

SocialSystem head

Social System uses a space metaphor to represent the FOAF network of the school. The universe is the school and the planets are the school years. The system is dynamic and reorganizes itself regarding the year chosen by the user and that becomes the center of the universe.

SocialSystem 1

The user can sort the type of relationship between years (which appears when being “clicked”) by using the menu and can choose the way he visualizes links within the differents levels (year, class, student).

SocialSystem 3

The size of a planet is determined by the number of inhabitants (students). Distances from the chosen planet (year, selected by the user) and the other planets are calculated by a ratio made between incoming and outcoming relationships between individuals (links). The rotation speed of the planets is a function of these distances, the closer the planets are, the stronger the relationship is.
We can remark that the 3rd years (Products/Hypermedia (now Interaction)) are a pivotal year between the 1st years and the Masters students.

SocialSystem 2

¤ Online demo : http://www.hypermediadesigner.com/_works/foaf/

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